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Thomson Reuters Content & Data

Investors watch market movements: live stock quotes, market news, and financial events to inform their decisions to invest. Our customers — investment bankers, wealth managers, investment managers, and corporate services (c-level and investor relations) — rely on this crucial market information to stay aware and make decisions.

We are challenging you to build a mobile app for a financial professional that leverages at least one of the following content sets from the Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct (TRKD) API. Get creative by pulling relevant external data into your app, get thinking about collaboration and social networking features, and get inspired by design.

Thomson Reuters is very excited to see your mobile app! If you have any questions, please contact api-support @ streetappschallenge.com.

Market Data—Helps financial professionals make on-the-spot decisions about a stock. Historical market data is also used to project pricing trends and determine any risk on portfolios of investments that are held by an individual or institutional investor (like an investment bank).

Quotes—Keep a pulse on daily market movement. Quotes reflect the last price at which a security (like Google) or commodity (gold or oil) is traded, which is the most recent price on which a buyer and seller agreed. Quotes for stock and bonds change and fluctuate throughout the trading day as new transactions occur one after another in a continual stream of trades.

Fundamentals—Understand the health of a company. By looking at the numbers in the balance sheet, the income statement, management and cash flow, investors can determine how well a company is or will perform in the future. The stock market is like a shopping mall: stocks are items for sale in different stores. When taking a look at company fundamentals, investors use the information to determine which products are being sold for the best deals.

Significant Developments—Get to the heart of key issues faster. Significant developments is a unique news analysis and filtering service that gives a concise description of crucial market-moving company news on a near real-time basis. It helps investors to navigate through a superfluous volume of news and keep aware of specific subject matters, and monitor companies.

StreetEvents—Stay informed and alert about market-moving events & information. StreetEvents organizes and bubbles up relevant events, transcripts, briefs, filings, and reports. The market oftentimes reacts favorably or unfavorably based on industry and company events, like earnings calls, which companies hold to announce quarterly results. These events can dramatically influence the direction of the market and the stock price of a company.

Consensus Broker Estimates—Anticipate how the markets and a company will perform. Consensus estimates are a combined opinion from a group of analysts that cover a public company about its financial performance, such as earnings per share (EPS) and revenue. It’s a forecast for the quarter, fiscal year, and next fiscal year.

Online Reports—Read and see the latest news and pictures. Delivering the latest ready-to-publish breaking news, with graphics and pictures organized by independent news category modules. You can search by topic that matter most to people and region.

Developer Resources

As you begin to work with the TRKD API, please refer to the documents below as reference guides. If you have any questions beyond the guides, please contact api-support @ streetappschallenge.com.

Reference Material
pdf file Developers Guide Provides information on authorization x%x authentication, endpoints, headers, namespaces, content definition, and XML code snippets.%
excel file Quotes Data Guide Reuters Instrument Codes (RICS) and Field Descriptions (FIDs).
Code Samples
zip file iPhone Reference Application Source Code created with XCode 3.2.1, iPhone SDK 3.1.3 – Updated 5/25
zip file Android Reference Application Source Code created with Android SDK 1.6 – Updated 5/25
zip file Blackberry Reference Application Source Code created with Java Application Development v5.0 – Updated 5/25
zip file Request Template Set All reference applications use the same requests templates set – Updated 5/25.